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Rare and Complex Diseases Present Challenges

We make sure that finding the right expert isn't one of them

Rare Patients Are Everywhere

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Despite the name, there are over 25 million patients with rare and complex conditions in the US alone. SpeSo Health has built a new tool called CurityMD, designed to help these patients, and their supporters, find and connect with the best experts for them.

Search Like an Expert

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SpeSo built CurityMD based on the same tools and information that clinical experts, researchers, hospitals and companies use to understand expertise, and makes it simple enough for anyone to use.

Start Using CurityMD


We are ready to help you connect to experts around the country. Ready to dive in? Perform your first Search using the CurityMD search service above or click here!

Why a search engine for rare diseases?

Watch this video tell a story of how rare and complex conditions affect millions of people around the country, and how SpeSo's new CurityMD service can help make the task of finding experienced clinical experts and hospitals easier than it is today!

Improving Connections Between Patients and Doctors!

CurityMD is an online platform that helps measure expertise in rare and complex conditions to help improve how patients and qualified specialists connect.


Information for Patients


Information for Physicians

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